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Setting new standards in virtual product engagement


Powerful decorating visualization that helps people make design decisions confidently, increasing conversions for furniture retailers.

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Home furnishing and décor decisions would be a whole lot easier if only people could walk into a showroom and rearrange the pieces to a setting that works for them. Even better if they could paint a wall or add wallpaper, swap out the lighting and throw in a different rug. That’s not possible in a showroom, but it is online and that’s what SuiteQ does better than anyone.

SuiteQ for business

SuiteQ is an online 3D visualization platform for furniture retail websites, very different from anything else because our focus is on product engagement, not room design. We’ve seen that most people want a richer experience when shopping for home furnishings, they want to engage, play and have a deeper encounter with products before they commit to the purchase. SuiteQ gives furniture shoppers an intuitive and meaningful experience and is proven to increase sales.

Why should you care?

  • More than 80% of furniture shoppers start their buyer journey online.

    Once a customer has found your website, you want them to stay. So what’s the compelling reason potential customers will stay on your site and not move on to your competitor? It could be your great products, unbeatable pricing, but above it all it’s their experience on your site. It has to be great.

    SuiteQ is all about the customer experience, helping people make confident purchase decisions through the buyer journey. We’ve shown that SuiteQ increases sales as a direct result of that improved confidence, through fluid interaction and visualization.

  • Virtual product interaction can be as powerful as a live experience.

    Studies show how powerful online product interaction is. That’s what SuiteQ facilitates in a totally unique way. Our software plugs into your website and all your products are now on the virtual showroom floor ready to be placed and rearranged in any way. It’s a place for people to stay and play.

    Sales staff can also build showrooms to showcase particular items and help sell better. Compared to room planners, our virtual showroom is exceptionally easy to use, with interaction happening visually in real time, all with photo-real 3D products.


  1. Increase early engagement online

    With your products available in our 3D environment, people are more likely to stay on your website and play. And when they stay, they haven’t moved on to your competition.

  2. Improve customer experience and satisfaction

    Engaging potential customers in a meaningful way will only strengthen their experience with your products and brand. An improved customer experience leads to a satisfied customer.

  3. Increase qualified leads

    An engaged person online is a qualified lead. Your staff doesn’t have to work as hard to sell them on your products because your customers have not only seen pictures of them, they’ve experienced them.

  4. Get strong analytics on product engagement

    SuiteQ offers deep analytics on product engagement. This allows for you to reach out with an offers or promotions, and gain a deeper understanding of how your products are trending.

  5. Form community around your products

    Our solution has integrated social sharing, helping your online traffic market your products and your brand. But it’s providing value for your customer too as they gain inspiration from others and their designs.

  6. Scalability and flexibility

    We tailor our offering to suit your needs. Add your logo, your branding, and as many products as you like, when you like. Implementation is customized so before we begin, we work with you to determine the best plan.

  7. Accuracy helps confidence

    Because all our 3D models are built to scale, your customers get a solid sense of how that sofa they love will look next to the coffee table, and how the lamp will look on the side table. Showing everything to scale is essential to customers feeling confident they’re making the right choices.

  8. Entertaining interaction

    One of the cornerstones of our offering is interaction and that means in every way. Lighting turns on and off, along with some other cool and unique features that make playing even more fun.

  9. Increase conversions

    Studies show that 3D visualization and engagement reduces perceived risk and is likely to increase conversions. Conversions increase when you’ve got confident decisions. What we’re most proud of is that we’re helping people attain that confidence.

  10. Seamless shopping cart integration

    Your customer is a click away from their purchase. If you have a shopping cart already, we can plug in seamlessly. We can also provide shopping cart integration if you’re new to the online marketplace environment.

Let us show you how SuiteQ solves problems for your customers, helping you sell more.

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